Cement Silos to Maximize CARMIX Efficiency

Horizontal cement silos with flexible conveyor screw for material and electronic weighing system.

CARSILOS functions as follow:

  1. Increase CARMIX productivity up to 50% faster, by using machine instead of manpower to load cement.
  2. Using bulk cement to reduce cement cost per weight.
  3. Reduce cement loss.
  4. Reduce worker’s health risks by inhaling cement dust.

CARSILOS is available in the 16, 26 and 36 m3 versions and consists of:

  • Electronic load cell weighing system, control display and process management.
  • Main frame with system for positioning and release from the vehicle, without requiring the assistance of lifting machines.
  • Vibration system to facilitate the flow of cement. conveyor and discharge screw directly at the required height, with possibility of adjustment. Electronic control panel complete with the safety systems required by current European standards.
TOTAL STORAGE CAPACITY: 16 m3 26 m3 36 m3
ESTIMATED PRODUCTION: 480 kg/l 480 kg/l 480 kg/l
PLANT UNLADEN MASS: 4100 kg 6200 kg 7050 kg
POWER ABSORBED: 13 kW 13 kW 13 kW
 THREE-PHASE INPUT VOLTAGE: 400V , 50Hz 400V , 50Hz 400V , 50Hz