Smart Electronic Weighing System With Printer

Control each kilogram of material easily to perfection. 4 load-cell censors, placed at 4 points supporting CARMIX mixing drum. The drum is engineered to have balanced weight distribution during mixing, to keep weight measurement accurate.

Load cell advantages:

  • Accurate, consistent, and repeatable regardless of RPM and oil temperature.
  • Made of stainless steel with no moving parts, free of corrosion and tough.
  • Easy to calibrate on the field.
  • By weighing the drum only true weight of added material is added to monitor, ignoring material that does not enter the drum (stick at shovel, fall out) during loading.
  • Printout of weighing result and accuracy.

Load cell sensor signals are measured by the computer and measurement result shown to the operator.



Features Mix Made Concrete Mate
Partial/Total weighting system yes yes
Mix design programmable yes; 24 element and 99 mix designs yes; 24 elements and 99 mix designs
Precision 10 kg 10 kg
Accuracy ~2% from total weight ~2% from total weight
Printer yes, thermal roll paper diameter 44mm, max width 57.7 mm yes, thermal roll paper diameter 48 max width 57 mm
Monitor LCD Display: 16 alphanumeric characters / 15mm back lighted;RED Display: 5 digit x 25mm height HD Color TFT
Alarm Visual display Audible sound and visual display
USB configuration, backup & restore No Yes